What are the Best Pasta Places in Singapore?

When it comes to food, you know you are going to hear Singapore a lot. There are a lot of good restaurants there which is why some tourists like going restaurant hopping when they go there. One of the best pasta places in Singapore is La Strada. The moment you come inside the restaurant, you will stare in awe at the amazing interiors. They serve fine creamy pasta that has egg and truffle mushroom. We have to give amazing compliments to the chef as the food here is to die for. Another great dish to try is their Vongole mixed with a lot of seafood.

If you love eating seafood, this dish is something that will make you crave for more. You must always be talking about Osteria Mozza when you’re mentioning the best Italian restaurant Singapore. After all, it is one of the best restaurants in Asia. Reviewers …

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