Interior design trends in 2020

The best thing about interior design is its ability to adapt, morph, and change. Interior design trends come and go, and sometimes it is difficult to follow them. If you are looking for some up-to-date, stylish, and fresh ideas to decorate and spice up the design of your home, here are the biggest trends in interior renovation Singapore design 2020 from design experts.


Multifunctional spaces
With more and more people working remotely from home, multifunctional spaces have become especially popular in 2020. For example, a kitchen with islands can easily become both a workstation and a dining space. This allows people to cook, eat, work, and socialize at the same time. Multifunctional design is also good for small floor plans because it allows to maximize limited space.


Floral Wallpapers
Floral wallpapers have been around for many years and might seem to be old-fashioned. However, in 2020 you will …

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